Friday, 8 August 2014

French Dreaming

I am just one of those people who dream of living in Paris even though I have never made a trip to the beautiful city. I just adore the french style of dressing and this outfit is inspired by those French classics I love.
I was making a trip into town for a bit of shopping that day and ending up changing the skirt for a denim midi skirt instead as dressing up like this is laughed upon by people in my town (kilkenny is not a very dressy / fashionable city).
I just love this strip crop top from H&M it is a really thick material and looks more expensive than H&M.
The skirt i thought went really well with it and just gave that pretty/girly feel. I actually bought this skirt 2 years ago in River Island and only wore it about twice so I decided it needed to be pulled out of the wardrobe and worn plus the navy bow belt that came with it matched perfectly with the navy stripe top.
I just paired very simple accessorises with the outfit as Coco Chanel once said "less is more" and since the look is French themed I said I would go with the advice.
These little cream brogues are so vintage looking and I surprising picked up in Dunne's which i not a store recognised for its fashion however I came across these little beauties. 
My bag which is not pictured was a vintage crochet bag with handles which I again wore very little
and then to finish off i couldn't but wear red Lippi and a ballerina bun.
So there you go my french look maybe someday I will actually make it there.
thanks for reading fellow bloggers I really appreciate all your lovely comments it means alot when you are only starting off.

P.s I will be away at Irish collage for two weeks so now blog posting till then and no Instagram what will I do!

Ella xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Trips


The Walsh's summer trip took us to Cork this year for a few nights break.
Thankfully the weather was nice and we were able to make a trip to the beach to show off our new bikinis.
Day one we made a trip to blarney castle where I did manage to kiss the blarney stone (quite terrifying all the same).  For our trip to blarney I decided to wear my 60's inspired too piece Coral dress and jacket combo.
This has to be one of my favourite pieces for the summer as it is so chic. 
The cropped jacket works so well with the mini shift dress I also themed it with a pair of pinky nude point toe pumps which are very along the line of that sixties era and then a matching bag. 
Some people had the matching bag and shoes thing but i think it works really well.
I also didn't think the colours of the co-ord and shoes would match but when I put them together i taught they complemented beautifully.

Day 2 of our  trip saw us head to the coastal town of Kinsale which has to be one of the prettiest and well kept towns in Ireland. There is just so much little cobbled streets filled with pretty indepent owned shops and the cutest cafes as well as very high end restaurants including "Fishy Fishy" which I hope someday I will be able to afford to dine in. We also made a trip to the old head of Kinsale where we stood at the tip of Ireland  where I contemplated  jumping! (just kidding)  the views were gorgeous though.
For the trip to Kinsale i wore something easy and comfy as they were alot of walking. 
My gigham shorts and black frill top were perfect.
That night we heading into Cork City for something to eat and I got the little bit more dressed up.
Where I wore a sequin Cami top and denim high waste tube skirt.

Day 3 we made our way back home where we stopped off at the beach as the weather was gorgeous  and was a perfect end to the trip.
I know this is not totally fashion related but there was some nice photos taking along the way that I felt I must share but a new outfit post will be coming soon so stay posted!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Kitty Kat

blouse-H&M Jumper-similar here Skirt-similar here Bag-Topshop Sandals-River Island

I just bought this jumper last week and I have falling in love with it! I know it looks like a 5 year old jumper but I just think it is so cute and quirky. It was kinda a bit boring left on its own so I decided to theme it with this white shirt which I also picked up in H&M last week for that preppy look and the pearl necklace also added that girly feel. As we were in full swing of  Wimbledon at the time I taught it appropriate to take out the white tennis skirt which I picked up in Zara earlier in the year. Going with the white team I decieded to wear my white sandals and white satchel I don't know about you but I like matching accessorises sometimes.
These sandals I picked up in River Island (Can't go a post without wearing River Island) and the bag is Topshop which I am living in. Also hope you like Scottie my little westie as he felt left out since Buster the terrier was featured in my last outfit post.
Hope you enjoy and would love to hear all your comment 
Ella xoxo

Friday, 4 July 2014

July Wishlist

july wishlist

1. This fluff puff of cuteness has being on my wishlist since the start of June when I spotted it on Instagram ever since then i have falling in love. I love the lilac colour, once again pastel i think i have an obbesion with pastels this season but whats not to like with these candy colours. This bag would add that extra wow to an outfit and i just really want one! -£30 River Island

2.I also love these cute Mary Jane style shoes from miss Guided I spotted them a while ago and then saw a fellow fashion blogger Charlote Fisher wearing them and i knew i needed them. I just love the chunky heel that is so in for this season and the patent pink is just so girley just go to Miss Guided for these beuties.

3.This white embroided blouse is just such a pretty take on the classic white shirt and really is so pretty the detail in it is just fab. It is just a piece you would have for years such an investement! -£40 River Island

4.Once again I have falling for the girley pieces this pleated skirt from Topshop really takes on the ballarina look in such a elegent way. This skirt would be fab even paired with the miss guided shoes above. I just have a thing for baby pink skirt I recently bought a pink leather one from River Island and I just adore it I wear it the hole time so a pleated version would be nice. - Topshop $30

5.Out of all things on my list this has to be my number one must have. This jumper just says it all every bloggers dream in life and I just cant stop thinking about getting it shame I spent too much this month again river island does these slogan jumpers so well and I cant help but think how nice it would be with my baby pink leather skirt! - £33 River Island

6.well its obvious I work in River Island by looking at my wishlist anyway.. Again since the start of spring I have being looking for these cleated heels from River Island but first time around they completely sold out but thankfully there back again. These Jeffery Campbell lookalikes are are dream and a fashion bloggers must have these season, lets just hope they go to sale. -£60 River Island

7.Last but not least on my July wishlist is this fancy floral Olivia Burton watch. A watch has always been my favourite accessorise since I was 12 and they were the uncool thing to wear but I always showed love for the watch and this has to be the 4th edition to my collection. Its just so neutral and the floral face really give that vintage feel. Early birthday present maybe... - £65

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Don't make me Blush

This nude themed outfit is what I wore out last Saturday night ( I know I do not look like I am at the age of going out) . It was quite a simple outfit that I choose at the last minute as I was tired after work.
I really love the colour palette with all those blush/nudey tones which were lovely for the summer.
I was really happy with the cami and sequined jacket combo as they looked as if they were a two piece but I didn't actually buy them together. I really love this sequined jacket which i picked up this year in a shop called Shutterbug or Folkster , It is a cute little vintage shop located in Kilkenny and they have recently opened a shop in temple bar Dublin which have really lovely unusual pieces that you would not find any where else.
The cami is just a silk cami i picked up in River Island during winter. The pale pink clutch or purse is also River Island that i picked up a few weeks ago.

I also decided to jump on the white Skinny jean bandwagon seen as they are so back on trend this season and everyone seems to be wearing them. Last summer if you even tried get me in a pair of white skinny jeans I would have died. These ones I am wearing are quite cropped but I went for the petite Joni jeans from Topshop as I like them above my ankle for summer and the work well with my Jeffery Campbells shoes which I adore.
They have been sitting under my bed for the last few months and I only remembered I had them.
I am so glad I pulled them out as they are nicer than I taught I also got these in Folkster in Kilkenny.

Sequined jacket :similar here
Clutch: here
Shoes: here
White jeans: here